How to link WebsiteTravel and Booking Boss

***Please note that if you are using an external reservation system you cannot use CMS ebookings under 'My Availability'***

To connect Booking Boss with WebsiteTravel please follow the below steps:

  1. Contact Adventium Support team on and ask for access to the 'Configure ebookings' button. In this email please also advise which email address you are using to log into the system with as this access is granted per user email.
  2. Contact BookingBoss support and ask for the API ID, API Secret and Live System URL and your mapping codes to connect with WebsiteTravel.
  3. Go to and click on 'My Details', go down to 'E-Bookings Setup' and click on the green button 'Configure eBookings'.
  4. Copy and paste the API ID, API Secret and Live System URL and click continue:
  5. Go to 'My Products' > 'View Products' and click 'View' next to the product you wish to map.
  6. Go to Step 5 'Fare Prices' and click next to the fare where it says 'No Map', 
  7. Click on the green button 'Generic' and then copy and paste the code provided to you by BookingBoss, the column which says 'Upload code for WST Mapping'. Under ‘Product ID’, put in your unique BB Code and Ticket ID from Booking Boss. The information must be formatted like ‘BBcode_TicketID’ or ‘1234_12345678’ otherwise it will not work
  8. Click 'Continue' > 'Save Mapping' and 'Close'.
  9. The fare you mapped will say 'Generic' and is now linked with your reservation system.
  10. Complete step 5 - 8 for all products.

Important Information:

  • Each fare must be individually mapped between WebsiteTravel and Booking Boss
  • Each BB code and Ticket ID will be individual to your product fare
  • If you need any help, please contact
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