How to set up and manage WebsiteTravel eBookings

WebsiteTravel has our own eBookings system. This is based on allocation, where you can set your product's allocation and the agents can access this immediately to book online. You are then sent a copy of the voucher including the customers details and booking information

STEP 1: My Availability – Selecting a Product

1.0 Go to ‘My Availability’ then in the drop down menu click ‘Manage Availability’

1.1 ‘Step 1: Select a Product’ – Click on the product under ‘Product Name’ which you would like to set up with e-Bookings

STEP 2: Edit e-Booking Groups

2.0 ‘Edit e-Booking Groups’ – Enter name under ‘e-Booking Group Name’ *

2.1 Enter ‘Start’ and ‘End’ date which will limit the ability to e-Book for agents or leave ‘End’ as ‘OPEN’ which will expire when fare expires

2.2 Tick boxes next to the fares which will be linked to this e-Booking group followed by ‘Save Group’

STEP 3: Managing e-Booking Group 3.0 ‘Edit e-Booking Group Availability’

This is where you manage your e-Booking availability, pick up locations, allocations etc.

3.1 ‘Booking Buffer Days’ – Minimum amount of days which an agent can e-Book a product. E.g. 2 day buffer will stop agents being able to e-Book 2 days before travel date. Phone call confirmation will be needed within this time

3.2 ‘Default Availability’ – Amount of spots allocated to Website Travel agents. Remember to click ‘Save’. This will open up the calendar.

3.3 ‘Set Availability’ – Manually override and manage one or more days by clicking on the dates in the calendar, then entering the new amount. E.g. 0 to block out, or to increase or decrease the allocation followed by ‘Save’

3.4 Click ‘Add Booking Details’ to set up pick-up locations and to receive further information from the customer e.g. dietary requirements etc.

**Important notes: - Once saved, changes go live immediately - Legend available left of the calendar - Click on the letters in the calendar to block out that day for e-Bookings

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