How to link Respax

***Please note that if you are using an external reservation system you cannot use CMS ebookings under 'My Availability'***

To map Respax to WebsiteTravel follow the below steps:

1.1. Go to ‘My Products’ > ‘View Products’ and click ‘View’ on the product

1.2. Go to ‘Step 5: Fare Prices’ 

1.3. Click on ‘No Map’ next to the fare and choose Respax

1.4. Search and choose the product you are mapping under ‘Select a Respax Product’

1.5. Follow the instructions and select the correct fare

1.6 Click 'Save Mapping'

***Important Information

  •  If the eBooking ‘No Map’ does not come up, you will need to contact to link your account
  • To delete the mapping, click on the eBooking e.g. Respax and in the new window click ‘Remove’
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