How to link WebsiteTravel and FareHarbor

To connect FareHarbor to WebsiteTravel follow the below steps:

1. Prior to connecting anything please do the following to speed up the time it takes us to connect API:

  • Please check all your products and remove outdated fares from WebsiteTravel. 
  • Please check all your products and update all active fares and nets on WebsiteTravel. Fareharbor will have to manually replicate fares and net rates you have on WebsiteTravel so you are able to rebook using the appropriate rates in Fareharbor and you’ll have more accurate reporting.

2. Go to ‘My Products’ > ‘View Products’ and click ‘View’ on the product you are connecting

3. Go to ‘Step 5: Fare Prices’ of the product

4. Click on ‘No Map’ next to the fare:Please note: if the ‘No Map’ button is not displayed at this point you will need to contact WebsiteTravel Support at

5. Click the green Generic button in the popup window:

6. Enter the correct rct#  code provided by FareHarbor into ‘Product ID’.Please make sure there are no spaces before or after the code when you cut and paste it otherwise the connection will not work.

7. Then click Continue, Save Mapping and close the pop-up window.

8. Repeat these steps for all Fares and Products that need to be connected to FareHarbor.


To delete a connection of a product please follow Steps 1-3 and click on ‘API Connected’ and in the pop-up window click ‘Remove’ and ‘Yes’ buttons

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