How to link WebsiteTravel and Bokun

First step is to contact WebsiteTravel Support team

to get access to the API Connection service in WebsiteTravel CMS. If you have not already done so, then you can do this by using this form.

Please make sure you include the email address you are using to login to WebsiteTravel CMS so that the Support Team can assign the button to the correct user

Second Step is to connect to WebsiteTravel in Bokun.

1. Go to Contracts -> Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

2. Choose "Adventium Technology & WebsiteTravel Global Marketplace"

3. Click "Sell through this channel"

4. Go to your product and its available as an OTA now

Third Step is to map your fares in WebsiteTravel to Bokun.

1.1. Go to ‘My Products’ > ‘View Products’ and click ‘View’ on the product

1.2. Go to ‘Step 5: Fare Prices"

1.3. Click on ‘No Map’

1.4. Click green GENERIC button and choose the product and fare you wish to connect to this WebsiteTravel fare. 

1.5. Enter your product identifier. 

Your product identifier are the combination of ids from your Bokun Fare you wish to connect. 

Its made up of your ProductId_CategoryID_FareID_CurrencyCode (see below) 

***Important Information

  •  If the eBooking ‘No Map’ does not come up, you will need to contact to link your account
  • To delete the mapping, click on the mapped button e.g. GENERIC and in the new window click ‘Remove’
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